For Residents

Welcome Home

Missing fun and friendships from the place where you live?

  • Be a part owner of your building's social scene and make friends that can last a lifetime
  • Get to know your neighborhood and anchor yourself as a local
  • Share your passions in the building by easily hosting events
  • Network, sell, and check if a neighbor already has what you need
  • Split the costs of cars, personal trainers, nannies, caregivers and anything you don't need all the time

Prepare for earthquake and disaster experiences

our Ohana community offers online awareness, education and preparation tools so you can feel safer.

City living can be challenging

Even in large cities with millions of people, feelings of isolation are often a reality. It's time you enjoyed the urban benefits of being close to your neighbors.

Tap into the Power of Your Building and Neighborhood.

Ohana means Community.