For Owners and Developers

Ohana Star Building Communities

Glamorize your building, amenities and neighborhood.

Define your building culture and enhance your brand.

Empower resident engagement to optimize the resident experience.

Fill vacancies and increase revenues.

Add a modern amenity for a high-end residential experience.

Add Value to Your Building

Provide a system for residents to build your community and increase its value. A self-service platform for interaction, sharing and trust.

Attract and retain high-quality residents.

Draw residents seeking community and retain them by investing in their feedback.

Community tools to fight climate change and prepare for natural disasters.

Encourage a small carbon footprint and emergency preparation for valuable peace of mind.

Make your building stand out as socially responsible to overcome NIMBY and City objections for faster approvals

Present your project as a new, innovative community that provides tools for families, seniors and singles to share and save money together.