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Feeling left out of the urban neighborhood experience?

• Connect, meet new people and have random collaborations to achieve more.

• Network and stay connected to the pulse of your building and be the first to know.

• Experience the unique shops, restaurants and events waiting around your building.

• Come to work to see friends and discover valuable opportunities.

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Working in an office building can be an empowering experience. Enjoy the Urban Lifestyle by connecting with the power of your office.

Get to know the businesses and people working in your building.

Save money by sharing equipment, rides, dog walkers and nannies with other building members.

Get to know businesses nearby and trade locally.

Stay in touch with Building and Neighborhood Events.

Create your own local or remote events, send invitations and monitor RSVPs. Events Calendar lets you know what's upcoming or happening right now.

Connect and network with people of similar interests and needs.

A convenient member's directory allows you to filter and search by specific industry and occupation. Need a copywriter for your business? Find one instantly.

Prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies.

Ohana workplace communities offer online awareness, education and preparation tools so you can feel safer.

Come to work and be a part of it! Tap in to the Power of Your Building.

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