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"We bring good things to life!"

6360 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

Description & Info

ArcLight is more than a place to see a movie; it is an experience. Since 2002, our mission has been to create the best moviegoing environment possible, through careful thought, design, and attention to detail. As we are not inclined to boast, weʼll let some of our 500,000+ members express themselves and imitate characters from their favorite movies.

Reserved Seating

All-reserved seating makes waiting in “hold-out” lines a thing of the past, and there’s no more need to rush to the auditorium to save seats. You can even select your seats and purchase your tickets through our website and apps (iOS and Android) or at automated kiosks in our theaters. Our ultra comfortable seats are three inches wider than standard theater seats, with double-wide arm rests, and an average of 46” of legroom.

Sight & Sound

The experience inside the cinema auditorium is ArcLight’s focal point. Designed to exceed THX standards of presentation excellence, ArcLight auditoriums begin with a “black box” design aesthetic that favors undistracted viewing over opulence and features the best in sight and sound technology, allowing films to be presented as the filmmakers intend.

Unique Programming

Film programming features a wide variety of product with a mix of new-release blockbusters, specialty, and retrospective product. We create unique opportunities to improve the moviegoing experience, including special 21+ screenings (where guests can enjoy a movie while sipping their favorite cocktails), exhibits celebrating film and community, Q&A events, and our ArcLight Presents… series featuring cinema classics, limited releases, and exclusive content.

Fewer Disruptions

To heighten your viewing experience, ArcLight places a heavy emphasis on common courtesy in our auditoriums—no late seating, talking, or cell phone use when programming is on screen. ArcLight prides itself on an advertising-free environment. We do not show commercials before movies, and we limit the number of trailers, so your movie begins shortly after the advertised showtime. The black-box design of our auditoriums also eliminates distractions from the screen.

The ArcLight Community

ArcLight locations are alive with the celebration of film and community. Those in the ArcLight Community can expect to receive emails from ArcLight Cinemas with news about what is happening in theaters, as well as occasional special offers. You can upgrade to ArcLight Membership at any time and immediately receive two ArcLight Presents… tickets (a $28 value). ArcLight Membership is $15 annually. For more information about our Membership Program, click here.


ArcLight offers a Membership program unlike any other. Members get $1.00 off each ticket they purchase online. All money spent online and in the theater allows our members to accumulate points for purchases at the café, bar, gift shop, or for tickets. It’s no wonder we have 500,000+ members at our five locations.

There you have it. ArcLight is the movie theater for the movie lover. Don’t take our word for it, though:


6360 Sunset Blvd • Los Angeles, CA • 90028

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