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Ohana Star Building Communities

• Your projects deserve to stand out as exceptional to occupants, clients, and cities.

• Design a higher performing building with the same square footage.

• Give residents building membership and the power of a community.

• Inspire residents to live better with LEED inspired principals of conservation, resilience and local focus.

• Provide cities modern, forward-thinking communities that address their social needs.

• Save time and reduce NIMBY concessions by crafting a community vision that includes them.

Let us glamorize your inspirations and designs.

Showcase the unique architecture, amenities, neighborhood history and fun facts of your building to elevate the project’s sense of place and importance.

Be the creator of a community focused on connecting to the needs of its occupants.

Empower with a members page, forums, marketplace, sharing, building events, and even emergency preparation.

Market your building as a neighborhood and city participant in tune with the local vibe.

Ohana local businesses, neighborhood events, resiliency tools for occupants and the management team.

Stand out from other firms during client presentations to win more projects.

Let your designs lead owners to better understand occupant needs for higher performing buildings.

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