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We customize our Ohanastar system to suit your unique needs. 

Rediscovering Our Sense of Place

Our company is based in Los Angeles, one of the most famous cities in the world for being a melting pot of cultures and lacking a sense of center or belonging. There is also a feeling of isolation from a lack of family and personal history in the city. For many, this isolation is more than just a missing emotional and quality of life need; it is also a financial burden to individuals, families, and the city.

The extended family lifestyle of sharing resources and caring for children and leading seniors has been a key component of our evolution. Addressing the emotional and financial costs of this modern problem has been the foundation of our passion for elevating buildings to perform at a higher level. But surrounding this foundation are a multitude of other benefits, many of which are tied to our sense of self-security and belonging.

Our inspiration is based on the time when we knew each other and expected to help out. A time when we appreciated and understood our local land and had a sense of connection and reverence toward nature. We translated this to helping each other and connecting to place. We developed Ohanastar to do both and to unlock the financial and emotional value to building occupants and in turn to the ownership in a more valuable building.

We chose the Hawaiian Ohana because it is a living and easy-to-understand tribal cultural tradition. It represents sharing and connecting, and as a group striving to succeed. Ohana means “family”. And family means nobody will be left behind – or forgotten.

– Paul Jenkins


by STAR Building Group

As nature intended

We believe people living or working in close proximity creates a natural bond - a tribe - which can be used to help meet the needs of occupants.

Unite the community

We help bring people out of the numbing isolation of modern lifestyles and introduce them to the power of community.

Resource sharing

Sharing walls and resources can be difficult. That’s why we designed our system to magnify the advantages of participating in a group.

Building character

We believe every building should have a story that everyone can bond with and feel proud to be a part of.

Emergency planning

Why isn't everybody doing this?

Too often overlooked, we also emphasize proper planning for earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, floods and emergency events. So, we designed an easy-to-follow system which brings everyone together in a unified effort.

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